Know What’s Moving.
Understand Why.


MarketReader identifies and explains unusual asset moves in real time.

We cut through the noise to pinpoint only significant market activity, then deliver simple, concise summaries of why it is happening.

Now everyone can understand the market.

When the Market Moves, You Should Know Why.

With MarketReader, you can understand the drivers of price action more quickly than the competition—and before you see it on the news.

Access to MarketReader insights is available via web-based platform or streaming API.

Professional-Grade Market Insights For All

MarketReader pairs professional analysis techniques with high-frequency automation and generative AI summarization.

The result is institutional-quality data and insights at unprecedented speed, scale, and accessibility.

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How Do Macro Events Impact Different Market Sectors?

How Do Macro Events Impact Different Market Sectors?

MarketReader continually monitors every asset in the market and identifies the reason behind each unusual price movement. Ahead of the September FOMC meeting, we share unique insights into how macro events impact different market sectors.

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