In an increasingly complex and fast-paced global market, delivering clear and useful insights to individual users is more important than ever. Investors are tired of noisy, low-value news feeds and random opinions. Instead they desire intelligent insights that are tailored to their individual needs, interests, and portfolios. 

As such, we are excited to announce that we are now delivering important tags and metadata to our API clients in addition to our stream of AI-generated market insights

Enterprise clients can now filter MarketReader’s stream of market insights to match specific criteria. This means that the MarketReader API can be filtered (on the client side) to provide targeted, contextual insights rather than a random news feed. The result will be an overall improved user experience for market participants on financial platforms. 

About MarketReader Technology

MarketReader makes it possible to deliver concise, noise-free market insights automatically and at scale. Our proprietary financial modeling and generative AI technology allows us to generate simple, concise explanations of why the market is actually moving, without superfluous details. MarketReader currently monitors and explains unusual volatility for all US-listed stocks, ADRs, and ETFs, with more asset coverage coming soon. 

Filtering Insights for Individual Users

No one investor wants to see a news feed covering all 10,000+ US-listed assets in a single day. It would be an overload of information. Instead, users want insights tailored uniquely to them. We have seen this with social media platforms such as TikTok, whose “For You Page” concept has exploded in popularity due to its algorithmic, personalized nature for each user. MarketReader is now enabling that level of personalization in the world of financial news and insights. 

What is Possible with MarketReader Insight APIs? 

By customizing the insights delivered by the MarketReader API, enterprises can provide only the insights that users want to see. For example:

Only Highlight the Largest Market Moves

For users looking to understand why the biggest moves of the day are happening, in real time.

Only Highlight Moves Driven By Company-Specific News

For those following a particular company, MarketReader can be configured to only deliver insights about stocks moving because of company-specific news. 

Only Zoom In On Interesting Events Or Correlations

MarketReader understands the relationships between multiple assets and is able to map market volatility to macro events or correlated asset moves (sympathy moves). With the MarketReader API, a custom news feed could be configured to display only assets moving due to their relationship to another asset or event.

Metadata/Tags Included in API Streams 

The below categories are currently available for MarketReader API clients to filter and customize their own news feeds to fit their specific needs: 

  • Performance Metrics
    Each time an asset experiences an unusual move, MarketReader generates an explanation of why that move is happening, accompanied by the following performance metrics for the individual asset: Return %, Volatility Adjusted Return, Percentile Return, Percentile of performance relative to SPY, and Percentile of performance relative to the asset’s sector.

  • Correlated Moves
    The “Correlated Moves” category of analysis includes our system’s cross-asset connections. This can include correlations to the asset’s sector, to other macro assets, and of course to other peers in the equity space. This sophisticated system looks at many factors to determine the direction of causation and to highlight any associated news found relating to the correlated asset. 

  • Event
    The “Event” category focuses on highlighting and analyzing asset-specific events that have taken place. For equities, this often means corporate actions, earnings releases, guidance updates, M&A activity, or other official company updates.

  • News
    The “News” category is a broad catchall from our system that looks across newswire headlines, financial news associated with the asset by the source, and broadly shared articles on the internet related to the asset. Our sophisticated analysis focuses on news that seems most likely to be contributing to asset price movements.

  • Social Media
    The “Social Media” category highlights analysis from our system scanning conversations across various social media sources to summarize the conversations and trends being discussed that may help explain the movement in the asset.

  • Macro Event / Macro News
    The “Macro Event” and “Macro News” categories will most often go hand in hand. We have one system that highlights macro data releases, rate decisions, press conferences, etc. and additional analysis to capture news focused on the macro picture.  

  • ETF Constituents
    In the “ETF Constituents” category, we analyze the underlying holdings of an ETF for the largest contributors to the ETF’s overall performance.  Most often the largest contributors will also have news associated with them, and we include that information in the analysis to help bring color to what is driving the ETF’s movement.


The Future of Intelligent Insights and User Engagement

MarketReader Insight APIs now allow intelligent filtering along multiple dimensions, so that you can tailor the content to your specific needs and specific audiences.

For alerting clients, you may want to only show explanations of why the most dramatic moves are happening. 

Or for background information on your trading or wealth management platform, you may want to display a broader selection of market-wide insights.  

Further, MarketReader’s API stream could power AI chatbots on the client side that allow users to interact directly with our feed of market insights. 

The possibilities for filtering and customization of the MarketReader insight APIs are nearly endless, and represent a unique and innovative opportunity for enterprise clients such as brokerages, financial platforms, news organizations, broker/dealer networks, or wealth managers to create curated, personalized experiences for their users and clients. 

Reach out to our sales team today to learn more. 

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