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Monday, March 11, 2024

The market is currently experiencing normal macro volatility.

Bitcoin has experienced an extreme move of +4.0%. Ethereum has experienced a move of +3.8%. A50 Index (China) has experienced an extreme move of +2.1%. 

The upcoming week starting March 11 is poised to be significant for global financial markets, with a particular focus on key economic data releases.

U.S. inflation figures due out on Tuesday are highly anticipated as they could influence central bank rate decisions in the future; this event stands out as potentially the most impactful of the week. Additionally, Treasury auctions including 10-year and 30-year notes will draw attention from bond market participants looking for insights into investor sentiment and yield trends.

In Asia-Pacific regions, while there’s less activity compared to previous weeks dominated by China’s economic plans announcement, statements from Reserve Bank of Australia officials may provide guidance regarding their monetary policy outlook amidst expectations around interest rates stabilization.

AI-generated summaries of notable ETF and macro asset moves:

ETHEREUM | ETH/USD $4047.2 +4.3%
Ethereum’s price movement may be influenced by Bitcoin hitting a record high and the London Stock Exchange planning to allow applications for Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto ETNs. This positive sentiment towards cryptocurrencies as an asset class could drive up demand for both BTC and ETH. Additionally, with Ethereum closely following Bitcoin’s recent increase, investors should monitor developments in both assets simultaneously for potential market trends or shifts.

The iShares MSCI Japan ETF (-1.8%) was influenced by several key factors. Firstly, the final reading of Japan’s Q4 GDP showed a growth of 0.1% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ), indicating that the country avoided recession and relatedly we had news about Bank of Japan considering scrapping its yield curve control program also impacted investor sentiment towards Japanese equities.

AI-generated summaries of notable stock moves:

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Owens Corning | OC $149.15 -5.0%
Industrials, Building Products
Owens Corning and Masonite have filed notification forms under the HSR Act for their merger, with a waiting period ending on March 25 unless extended. This development coincides with recent market activity surrounding Owens Corning’s stock price movement.

EQT Corp | EQT $36.00 -4.1%
Energy, Oil & Gas Exploration & Production
EQT Corp announced a merger with Equitrans Midstream for $35B, aiming to create synergies and free cash flow benefits. The transformative acquisition is expected to positively impact future earnings potential, as highlighted in recent SEC filings on March 11th. This news coincided with EQT Corp’s stock experiencing downward movement potentially influenced by the deal reported by The Wall Street Journal. 

Microstrategy Inc | MSTR $1545.3 +8.5%
Information Technology, Application Software
MicroStrategy Inc recently took on debt to buy more Bitcoin, increasing their holdings significantly. The Executive Chairman sold some shares but retains a large stake in Bitcoin. This strong commitment to cryptocurrency investments aligns with the stock’s recent movement and market interest due to social media buzz highlighting new highs and company dominance assertions correlating with positive moves in Bitcoin prices, potentially impacting Microstrategy’s stock performance as well. 

Coinbase Global Inc | COIN $272.04 +6.0%
Financials, Financial Exchanges & Data
Coinbase Global Inc’s stock price has risen significantly following strong Q4 2023 earnings, surpassing expectations and achieving profitability. The company is a key player in the crypto market, benefiting from increasing global cryptocurrency adoption driven by factors like institutional interest and advancements in Bitcoin technology. Additionally, an analyst upgrade to Neutral with a higher price target reflects positive sentiment amidst rising Bitcoin value above $67k.

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