We have been working day and night on the MarketReader technology for about 18 months, and now we are excited to announce the launch of our Enterprise API solutions. 

We have already demonstrated how the technology can deliver concise explanations of market moves for more than 10,000 instruments in real-time. But the real power of MarketReader comes from its scalability. As such, we are now able to deliver our content via API to enterprise clients who want to analyze and surface our content on their own platforms.

We are offering two distinct versions of our API feed, which can be delivered separately depending on the client’s needs.

The first is instrument-level insights via the MarketReader Equity Insight API.

The second is aggregate summaries, such as broad macro overviews or ETF price movement explanations, delivered via our MarketReader Macro Insight API.

This is a major milestone for us, and for the future of financial news more generally. The videos just show the tip of the iceberg. Please reach out for more information about enterprise solutions.

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