MarketReader instantly summarizes the key drivers behind market movements. By leveraging real-time market data and proprietary analysis methods, MarketReader makes it easier and faster to understand why assets are moving the way that they are. 

Whether you’re an asset manager/PM, an equity analyst, a financial advisor/RIA, a personal investor, or simply anyone who actively monitors the market, MarketReader can offer you deeper, smarter insights into stock market trends and patterns. 

Co-founder and CEO of MarketReader Jens Nordvig recently explained his ambitions for MarketReader on Bloomberg’s What Goes Up podcast. “The whole goal of MarketReader is to do something for millions of users…” he said, “really have a tool that everybody can use.” 

MarketReader identified and explained the move in Silicon Valley Bank days before it entered FDIC receivership.

Leveraging AI Technology 

One of the reasons MarketReader can help ALL investors understand the market is through its use of AI technology. MarketReader is constantly analyzing intraday price movements and employing proprietary models to determine which changes are historically significant. The system then pulls data from financial models, news, and social media, and utilizes ChatGPT to create concise, easily digestible explanations. Throughout this process, MarketReader filters out any irrelevant noise to ensure that only the most important movements are on your radar.

Empowering Retail Investors 

Retail investors and day traders have historically encountered obstacles that limited their participation in the market. Without the wide scope of knowledge that Wall Street firms usually have access to, it’s impossible for individual investors to understand every underlying market driver and keep up with all the latest news. MarketReader empowers individual investors with the ability to navigate the market more effectively by pulling the highest quality data and translating it into clear descriptions that anyone can understand.

Streamlining Professional Workflows 

For professional investors like hedge fund and portfolio managers, MarketReader’s automated process can help save valuable time. Everyone has been wondering what jobs AI will replace, but with tools like MarketReader, PMs and other active managers can focus on using AI to their advantage. Insights from MarketReader can help optimize their workflow and enable them to spend more time focusing on areas that require their attention.

Improving Advisor/Client Relationships

In a similar way, financial advisors can focus more time on strengthening their relationships with clients while MarketReader watches the market for them, alerting them when something needs their attention. For example, if a client experiences a 5% loss in their portfolio, advisors can quickly pinpoint the cause with MarketReader and provide informed next steps within seconds. In today’s turbulent economy, financial advisors need to be prepared with answers for any questions their clients might have.

Enhancing Enterprise Platforms

To integrate MarketReader into your enterprise platform, application, or process, MarketReader offers an API solution. By integrating MarketReader’s API into brokerages and trading models, businesses can deliver real-time market insights, in-depth analysis, and actionable trends to their clients. News platforms can also enhance their analytical capabilities by integrating MarketReader’s API and accessing more accurate information faster than anyone else, while providing their audience real-time market explanations with zero noise, unlike competitors. In order to meet your organization’s needs, MarketReader also works with developers to build customized solutions.

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