The MarketReader website is a great resource for learning more about what MarketReader does, how, and why. 

Looking Forward

MarketReader plans to begin offering our real-time market intelligence feed to clients via third-party financial platforms, followed by the launch of a subscription-based user platform in 2023. 

We are rapidly developing our technology, product, and services to best serve the widest number of investors looking to understand the market. 

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Our Website 

The MarketReader team is composed of seasoned experts in finance and technology, who will regularly share insights and analysis of various topics over on our blog page. 

To get a deeper understanding of what systems and processes MarketReader has built so far, visit our Technology page. To understand what features and benefits MarketReader offers to clients and end users, see our Solutions page.  

MarketReader was founded with the goal of helping everyone, not just the Wall Street elite, understand the market. To get more color on our mission and vision, check our Company page.


MarketReader Real-Time Market Screener

Real-Time Market Screener

For a taste of the power of MarketReader, try out the MarketReader Screener. The Screener pinpoints the most significant, top percentile price moves each day with updates every ten minutes. 

Follow Along

We post daily updates and insights on our Twitter handles: @marketreaderinc and @marketreaderbot. Follow us there for real-time charts of significant price movement as well as curated commentary from the MarketReader team. 

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