We are thrilled to announce a major data quality upgrade: MarketReader’s AI-generated market insights are now fueled by Nasdaq Equities 360 data. 

MarketReader now incorporates trade and quote data directly from Nasdaq into our User Platform and API products, resulting in much broader market coverage, especially during premarket and aftermarket trading sessions (4am-9:30am and 4pm-8pm ET). 

With MarketReader, you can easily understand the market by reading concise explanations of WHY asset prices are moving. We have leveraged proprietary financial modeling and generative AI technology in a unique way to summarize the primary drivers of price movement across all US-listed equities and ETFs for both individual and enterprise clients. 

Our system rests on several interconnected processes:

  • Comprehensive modeling of price moves in high frequency
  • Quantitative models looking at the entire market in real-time
  • Generative AI models that summarize the insights into simple, readable text

It is this powerful combination of financial modeling and AI that makes MarketReader different from other AI tools.

And now, by incorporating Nasdaq Equities 360 data, we ensure our models don’t miss moves in the market, allowing us to provide our users with high-quality yet easily understandable market summaries they need even when away from the office. This is an important improvement, as many company-specific and macro related events happen outside of regular trading hours. Now, all MarketReader users will know the drivers behind key market events around the clock. 

How MarketReader Can Help You

If you or your clients struggle to keep up with rapid developments in equity markets, MarketReader helps by quickly and simply explaining the key drivers behind equity and ETF price movements. You can search for any asset or view filtered feeds of unusual price moves in our web-based user platform. 

Enterprise clients with existing platforms or services can incorporate MarketReader data into their system via API to tell their users WHY the market is moving in a simple and elegant way. We offer both Macro and Equity Insight API feeds. Read more on our Enterprise API page. 

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