MarketReader vs. AI Powered Search

At every moment of the day, MarketReader is monitoring every US-listed asset for unusual volatility. The instant that an asset moves in a way that is outside of the norm, MarketReader analyzes multiple data sources to find the reason why.

When AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC) jumped 7.3% between 1:20-1:30pm on March 28, MarketReader flagged the unusual activity and immediately returned an explanation of why the stock was moving. 

Within seconds, our system scanned news headlines and filtered through millions of social media posts to correctly identify that Amazon’s reported interest in buying AMC had been the reason for the price volatility. 

It wasn’t until nearly an hour later that news outlets began to cover the story. For example, see the first Bloomberg headline below published at 2:01pm ET (a full article followed with an even longer delay):

Silicon Valley Bank SIVB March 9

Further, MarketReader’s factor modeling system highlighted that although GameStop Corp (GME) stock was also moving at the same time, there was not strong evidence (confidence) that the move in AMC stock had been caused by activity associated with GME. 

Finally, the flip side was that our models, as summarized by ChatGPT, detected that GME’s own 2.5% stock price increase was indeed caused by AMC:

Silicon Valley Bank SIVB March 9

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