Brokerages and Financial Platforms Can Use API to Provide Users With Real-Time Explanations of Asset Price Movements

NEW YORK (October 24, 2023) — MarketReader, the AI market analytics company that explains asset price movements in real time, announces the availability of its Equity and Macro Insight API streams for enterprise clients including brokerage platforms, news organizations, wealth management solutions, asset managers, and more. The API streams enable enterprises to present users with concise explanations of asset moves as they happen. The Equity Insight stream provides granular insights for individual US-listed equity assets, while the Macro Insight stream provides aggregate summaries of price drivers and trends across entire industry sectors globally.

“MarketReader is the next generation of financial insight. It allows users to get an objective and to-the-point explanation of market moves that interest them. It is tailored, high-end intelligence for a mass audience,” said Jens Nordvig, MarketReader Co-Founder and CEO. “We are starting with coverage of every equity asset listed in the US, but the goal is to eventually cover all assets in the world, and let the user decide the time horizon of analysis (daily, monthly, quarterly etc).”

MarketReader uses proprietary financial modeling and structural analysis to identify unusual asset movements and pinpoint key forces driving them. Institutional-quality model outputs are fed to a generative AI system that condenses the insights into simple, concise text that includes all the key details that market participants need to know. Due to MarketReader’s high-frequency infrastructure, these insights are captured in real-time, often minutes to hours before they appear in news headlines or social media feeds. 

“MarketReader is a completely new way to read the market, and we already have early adopters showing keen interest in the API as a means of boosting user engagement and client retention,” continued Nordvig. “We have heard countless investors complain about stale, incomplete news feeds that do not tell them what is happening at the moment. So we developed MarketReader to be a signal-only, noise-free stream of essential market insights, delivered in real time.”

MarketReader Equity and Macro Insight API streams are available for enterprises now, but individual and professional investors can also benefit from MarketReader’s web-based user platform, which displays real-time market insights and includes useful features such as watchlists, a market screener, intraday charting, and more. 

About MarketReader
MarketReader is an AI market analytics company that explains why asset prices are moving in real time.  

The market is more complex than ever before, but traditional information sources still typically provide lengthy, slow, and subjective analysis. MarketReader solves this problem by using its proprietary data engine to identify and explain price movement and leveraging generative AI to deliver simple, concise summaries. When an unusual price move is detected, the system immediately pinpoints the most plausible explanation and returns data-driven output that is summarized into clear language that investors can understand at a glance. MarketReader’s system has broader coverage and faster delivery than any manual, human-driven process.

Founded in 2021 by Jens Nordvig, Web Begole and Evan Schnidman, MarketReader provides clear, objective explanations of what is driving asset price movement in a way that is accessible to all types of investors, from retail to institutional. Learn more at

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