We are excited to announce the upcoming Monthly Summaries feature on the MarketReader platform. 

Up until now, MarketReader has provided real-time explanations of asset price moves at high frequency (either 10-minute or daily). Our cutting-edge financial modeling system ensures that each insight contains no noise, only important information that investors need to know.

We’ve taken those high-frequency insights and aggregated them at the monthly level, so you can quickly understand the most important factors driving a company’s stock price over the past month.

For example, below is the monthly summary for Coinbase Global Inc (COIN) automatically generated by the MarketReader system on December 7:

Monthly Summary For COIN
Coinbase Global Inc had a strong performance over the one-month period, outperforming its normal relationship to the S&P 500 by 43.3%. The stock experienced volatility, ranging from -6.7% to +12.1%. Coinbase made a significant move on December 6th by introducing new features that simplify cryptocurrency transactions through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. This strategic step aims to enhance accessibility and user-friendliness, potentially expanding Coinbase’s customer base.

Analyst ratings played a crucial role in influencing Coinbase’s stock price movement during this period. Needham maintained a Buy rating on Coinbase and raised their price target from $120 to $160 on December 5th, contributing to an upward trend in the stock.


Coinbase benefited from recent troubles faced by Binance, as users sought alternative platforms due to regulatory scrutiny and security issues at Binance. Additionally, investor sentiment towards Coinbase was positively influenced by former executive Mike Lempres joining MoonPay’s board.


Despite optimism expressed by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong about the crypto industry following enforcement actions against Binance by the US government on November 27th, regulatory challenges remain for Coinbase as governments consider stricter regulations for cryptocurrencies.


In terms of financial performance, Coinbase reported positive results for Q3 2023 with reduced losses per share and increased revenue driven by higher cryptocurrency trading volumes on their platform. They also discussed plans for expansion into new markets and diversification of products.


During this period, market sentiment was predominantly bullish with an emphasis on innovation in streamlining transactions and positive financial performance driving investor confidence in Coinbase’s future prospects.

As illustrated above, by reading just a few paragraphs, you can understand why Coinbase stock has moved over the past month. 

These summaries will soon be available for every asset in the MarketReader system.

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