In the world of investing, time is a valuable asset. Whether you’re a seasoned hedge fund manager or an aspiring retail trader, the importance of efficient tools and streamlined processes cannot be overstated. 

By leveraging real-time market data and proprietary analysis methods, MarketReader makes it easier and faster to understand why assets are moving. And getting your watchlists and assets organized on the platform is just as easy.

In order to monitor the assets that matter to them, users can take advantage of the watchlist feature. Watchlists can be created in two ways:

Users can copy and paste asset tickers from an existing spreadsheet or brokerage platform into a new MarketReader watchlist in seconds and immediately start monitoring the assets’ movements. This process eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of manual data entry, allowing investors to focus their energy on analyzing real-time market movements and making informed investment decisions.

Users can also add assets to their watchlist by clicking the “plus” button on the bottom right corner of each asset card. New watchlists can also be created by clicking the same button. 

With MarketReader, investors can benefit from saved time and better insights that matter the most to you and your clients. 

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