MarketReader Co-Founder and CEO Jens Nordvig will join Nasdaq’s Global Retail Executive Forum on Thursday, June 13 to moderate a panel on the topic of “The Opportunities & Challenges of Financial Literacy and Education.”

Jens will be joined by panelists Lule Demmissie, U.S. CEO of eToro, Nate Palmer, President of Moomoo Financial Inc, and John Bartleman, CEO of TradeStation.

The panel will focus on the important topics of financial education, boosting literacy, and how AI can be used in that context. Jens and the panelists will discuss how different new user groups can be best engaged, as the retail investment community continues to grow and expand. 

MarketReader is using sophisticated technology to bring better information to a wider audience. Importantly, by using LLM technology, we can convey key insights in easily understandable language automatically and at unprecedented scale. While many have reservations about AI technology, we think it can play a key role in leveling the playing field in terms of providing high-quality information to a much broader audience.

MarketReader is excited to offer enterprise clients a cutting-edge solution for engaging audience members with real-time intelligent market insights via our Enterprise API. Learn more here.

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