Nasdaq TradeTalks: How AI Helps Investors Understand Complex Markets

May 31, 2023

MarketReader CEO Jens Nordvig recently joined Nasdaq TradeTalks host Jill Malandrino for a conversation for  on how MarketReader helps all types of investors understand the market.

In the interview, Jens explains how MarketReader “tries to replicate, in a piece of software, what the top investors in the world would have on their trading desk, where they have multiple people sitting and watching everything.”

Speaking to MarketReader’s integration of generative AI to summarize the key drivers of market movements, Jens said, “we might have a situation where our models have 20 bullet points to say about what’s going on. This ability to summarize it in a very precise form is so important for how we, as humans, absorb the conclusions.”

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