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The overall market is currently experiencing normal macro volatility.

China’s economic data releases show positive signs, with fixed-asset investment increasing by 2.9% year-on-year to CNY 41.94 trillion in the first ten months of 2023 and industrial production growing at its fastest pace since April, up by 4.6%. The jobless rate remained steady at a low level of around five percent for October as well.

Meanwhile, EUR/GBP is trading positively ahead of UK CPI release while Eurozone GDP contracted quarter on quarter in Q3; Bank Of England Chief Economist Huw Pill suggests another rate hike might not be necessary unless needed urgently.

Asian stocks rallied due to speculations about an end to Federal Reserve’s aggressive run of rate hikes; MSCI Inc.’s Asia Pacific Index increased nearly two percent as all markets saw gains and futures for US stocks also rose.

European bourses & US futures continue building post-US CPI gains; FTSE100 outperforms on softer-than-expected UK CPI – Dollar finds some reprieve while Kiwi (New Zealand dollar) outperforms supported by encouraging Chinese activity data.”

Source: MarketReader Minute, Nov 15 2023


Top premarket ETF moves explained.

MarketReader provides holistic summaries beyond traditional news—including social chatter, volume/flow data, macro and calendar events, and cross-asset correlations.



SPDR S&P BANK ETF | KBE $39.64 +0.9%

“The Financials sector ETF, KBE, has moved +0.9% since the previous close. The smaller increase in crude oil stocks than expected in the United States may be causing volatility and potential implications for oil prices moving forward. Additionally, movements of correlated securities like SPDR S&P Bank ETF and Russell 2000 Index (US) should be monitored as they can influence KBE’s performance. Notably, KEY with a return of 0.92%, BAC with a return of 0.82%, and C with a return of 0.54% are impacting KBE’s performance positively without any news associated at this time.”


“TLT, a Treasury sector ETF, has moved -0.9% since the previous close. This could be influenced by US Retail Sales MoM for October 2023 falling by 0.1%, indicating a decrease in retail sales after six months of growth. Additionally, recent declines in treasury yields suggest investors seeking safer investments like long-term government bonds and may indicate concerns about economic growth or inflation expectations favoring treasuries over riskier assets.”

Source: MarketReader Minute, Nov 15 2023


Quickly understand the top 5 premarket movers, and WHY they are moving.

MarketReader establishes a unique baseline for each asset to determine what activity is truly significant, then provides an explanation for price moves in simple, concise language.



Target Corp | TGT $126.30 +13.9%

“Target Corp’s stock price has increased by 13.2% due to strong financial performance in Q3, beating earnings and sales estimates. Despite a decline in comparable sales, Target plans to offer over 10K new items for the holiday season at affordable prices, which may have contributed to investor optimism. The company reported better-than-expected earnings of $2.10 per share compared to an estimated $1.48 and revenue of $25.40 billion surpassing estimates of $25.31 billion.”

TJX Companies Inc | TJX $90.12 -2.5%

“TJX Companies Inc’s stock price moved down significantly since the previous close. This may be due to their Q3 earnings report, where they reported net sales of $13.3 billion and an EPS of $1.03 but provided guidance for Q4 with lower expected adjusted EPS range than estimated and a projected FY24 adjusted EPS below estimates as well. The company also raised their EPS guidance for FY 2024 slightly, which could have affected investor sentiment negatively considering it was not a significant increase compared to previous expectations. Additionally, TJX seems to be underperforming its sector peers and leading the sector’s weakness in this movement.”

Source: MarketReader Minute, Nov 15 2023

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