In the second episode of The Big Picture, our collaborative podcast with OPTO Investing Intelligence, MarketReader CEO Jens Nordvig deep-dives into the profound influence of artificial intelligence on macroeconomics.

Unpacking the layers, he explores the looming possibility of increased economic inequality and emphasizes the pivotal role of government intervention.

He also explains the intricate implications of AI, productivity, interest rates, and global growth.

Is AI the key to boosting productivity, or will cyclical forces and structural challenges dominate the economic landscape?

Listen to the full interview:

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Jens also contributed further analysis on the topic of, “Will the Market’s Focus Shift to Growth?”

After predicting that interest rates would peak due to lower inflation last month in The Big Picture, OPTO’s monthly look at the macroeconomic climate, Jens Nordvig, Co-Founder and CEO of MarketReader, returns to discuss his expectations for the coming months.


Read the article here. 

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