See Price Explanations in Context with MarketReader Insight Charts

September 27, 2022

Every investor experiences the moment of seeing a stock price moving, but not knowing why. And trying to figure out why can be annoying, slow, or even impossible.

MarketReader is on a mission to help investors understand those confusing market movements as they happen, in real time. 

As the next step in this process, we’ve introduced a new type of visualization to our Twitter followers and email subscribers.

We’re now sharing what we call “Insight Charts.”

MarketReader Insight Chart

Insight Charts are automatically generated visualizations that map the output of our price explanation engine to individual 10-minute bars on a given price chart. 

We are currently generating these charts internally and sharing them with our audience directly. A chart is generated every time a 10-minute price movement is above a threshold placing it in the top percentile of all price movements for that asset in the past 52 weeks. 

We have been posting a summary of the most interesting price movements every week with added context from our Insight Charts.

How it Works

The MarketReader system continually monitors and volatility adjusts price movement across the entire market. 

Once a significant price movement is identified, our suite of proprietary models simultaneously looks for the most plausible explanation for that price movement across volume and flow data, news, social media, calendar/macro events, and factor/correlation modeling. If the system identifies an explanation, it is instantly sent to subscribers of our Insight Stream product. 

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