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Friday, May 24, 2024

The overall market is currently experiencing normal macro volatility.

Some of the largest moves in the market today include: Ethereum has experienced a move of -2.0%.

The GfK Consumer Confidence indicator in the UK rose to -17 from -19, marking its highest reading since December 2021 and providing a boost ahead of the national election on July 4.

Global markets are reacting to mixed economic data releases and central bank policies. The U.S. Federal Reserve’s upcoming speech, along with the University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment report on inflation expectations, is drawing significant attention as traders seek clues about future monetary policy directions amid recent weak economic indicators.

In Europe, stocks fell moderately following disappointing domestic data that have added pressure on market sentiment already dampened by concerns over potential delays in Fed pivoting its stance.

Meanwhile, JPMorgan has issued a positive outlook for China’s financial markets despite ongoing trade tensions with the U.S., highlighting China’s advancements in tech and semiconductors which could signal an impending turnaround amidst broader global challenges

AI-generated summaries of notable ETF and macro asset moves:

SMH [+0.9%] VanEck Semiconductor ETF experienced significant movements in its top holdings, with NVIDIA Corp (+1.3%) impacted by global labor shortage and pricing pressures in China.

EWG [+0.8%] The recent performance of iShares MSCI Germany ETF was influenced by a notable movement in the EUR/USD exchange rate, which had a positive impact on the ETF’s overall performance.

AI-generated summaries of notable stock moves:

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INTU [-5.8%] Intuit Inc reported strong Q3 results, exceeding EPS and revenue estimates. Despite positive performance, shares fell due to mixed guidance for the next quarter amid concerns about loss of free TurboTax users during tax season. The company raised full-year guidance but highlighted future AI investments impacting customer spending patterns positively in higher-end segments with potential new premium services offered.

ROST [+7.2%] Ross Stores Inc reported strong Q1 earnings, surpassing expectations with higher EPS and revenues. The company also provided optimistic guidance for Q2 2024. Post-earnings, analysts raised price targets due to an outperform rating consensus. Social media highlighted the stock’s significant surge in after-hours trading following the positive results and outlook despite concerns about macroeconomic uncertainty impacting their customer base’s purchasing power.

WDAY [-10.8%] Workday Inc reported strong Q1 earnings with higher EPS and revenues beating expectations. The company set revenue guidance for Q2 in line with current quarter figures. Despite positive results, Workday’s stock dropped due to lower forward guidance for FY25 subscription revenue and reduced price targets from analysts post-earnings call. Entry into the U.S. Intelligence Community market presents growth opportunities despite a significant drop in stock price following the announcement.

DECK [+11.9%] Deckers Outdoor Corp reported strong Q4 earnings, surpassing expectations with EPS of $4.95 and revenue of $959.8M. The company provided upbeat guidance for FY 2025, projecting growth in net sales to around $4.7 billion while emphasizing the success of brands like HOKA and UGG internationally and domestically as key drivers for future expansion opportunities amidst positive market sentiment towards the stock’s performance against sector peers since the previous close.

IP [+2.1%] International Paper Co’s recent stock movement may be linked to discussions with Suzano for an acquisition deal and funding from Asian banks. Norges Bank holds 0.64% of the company, while analyst ratings indicate positive outlooks despite challenges in revenue and profitability compared to peers. The stock appears aligned with overall market trends, outperforming sector peers recently.

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