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Thursday, April 11, 2024

The overall market is currently experiencing normal macro volatility.

U.S. Producer Price Index (PPI) data for March 2024 showed a smaller-than-expected increase of just 0.2% month-over-month, with services prices stable and goods costs declining slightly; however, core producer prices excluding food and energy rose by the anticipated 0.2%, while year-on-year growth accelerated to 2.4%.

Meanwhile, the ECB meeting is in focus, with markets alert to when they may start the cutting cycle.

Finally, we are experiencing a generally cautious risk environment influenced partly by heightened U.S.-China political tensions after China’s retaliation against American companies over arms sales to Taiwan.

AI-generated summaries of notable ETF and macro asset moves:

SMH [+0.3%] The VanEck Semiconductor ETF saw a positive price change, likely influenced by broader market factors rather than specific news. Key holdings like NVDA, TSM, and AMD contributed to this movement with developments such as Nvidia’s AI chip competition, TSMC’s global demand advantage in chip fabrication, and AMD’s expansion into AI-driven embedded systems. Additionally, the US Producer Prices data for March 2024 came in below expectations which could impact future Fed decisions on interest rates affecting sectors like SMH sensitive to economic indicators. 

USB05Y/USD [+0.2%] The US 5Y Treasury Bond may be reacting to PPI data showing a slight miss on expectations, impacting yields. Unchanged interest rates by the European Central Bank and its effect on inflation outlook are also influencing market sentiment towards bonds. Additionally, in the broader market context, US Producer Prices rose slightly below forecasts with services prices up but goods costs down. Initial Jobless Claims decreased more than expected, indicating a tight labor market that could influence Fed rate decisions against rising inflation levels efficiently.

AI-generated summaries of notable stock moves:

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KMX [-7.9%] CarMax Inc’s stock fell significantly after reporting lower-than-expected Q4 earnings and revenues. The company experienced a decrease in total wholesale unit sales, with used vehicle prices down as well. Social media buzz highlighted concerns about high interest rates impacting affordability of used cars, potentially affecting CarMax’s performance negatively. 

FAST [-5.1%] Fastenal Co reported Q1 earnings below expectations due to weak demand and lower pricing, with EPS missing estimates by 1.89% at $0.52 and revenues slightly below projections at $1.9B, leading to a pre-market stock drop of -7.7%. The company highlighted challenges in sustaining margins amidst slow growth despite an increase in daily sales volume but mentioned ongoing demand issues impacting financial results negatively. 

CRL [+3.9%] Charles River Laboratories International Inc. and Deciphex have launched Patholytix Foresight, an AI-driven tool to enhance toxicologic pathology practices for faster evaluations. This aligns with Charles River’s commitment to innovation in supporting drug discovery efforts globally, aiming to accelerate research advancements for improved patient outcomes. 

TTEK [+1.6%] Tetra Tech’s upcoming second-quarter results and conference call are crucial factors influencing its stock. Investors will be keen on any financial updates or strategic insights shared during this event, potentially impacting the company’s stock performance in the near term. 

COST [+1.0%] Costco’s stock rose significantly after reporting strong March sales growth and announcing a substantial increase in quarterly dividend. The positive news of increased cash dividends, along with solid sales performance across regions, likely drove the upward movement in their stock price post-announcement. Additionally, social media comments highlighted e-commerce growth and market outperformance compared to sector peers since the previous close.

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