Know What’s Moving. Understand Why.

Instantly engage with a clear, objective view of markets.

MarketReader is the most advanced source for tracking price movements and identifying their drivers in real time.

Built for speed and flexibility, MarketReader can integrate with existing platforms via API to build custom, enhanced dashboards, news feeds, reports, streams, or more. MarketReader delivers crucial market intelligence fast and first to increase client engagement and drive your business.

Brokerage Platforms

MarketReader can provide on-platform news and data feeds and seamless, instantaneous portfolio monitoring that will prevent users from needing to search for information externally. MarketReader technology can be configured to watch every asset in a user’s portfolio and deliver alerts and insights for every price move that they care about.

RIAs/Wealth Management

RIAs and Wealth Managers can use MarketReader to quickly deliver objective, bespoke client reports that utilize the latest portfolio monitoring technology. This empowers advisors to efficiently answer questions about client holdings and gain a better understanding of market dynamics in real-time.

Crypto Exchanges

By integrating MarketReader, crypto exchanges can provide their users with news feeds directly targeted at explaining crypto asset price moves as they happen, meaning users will remain on-platform rather than seeking out external information.

News Organizations

News organizations, both TV and online, thrive on providing their audience with accurate, timely information. MarketReader can provide financial news outlets with a concise, data-driven, “high tech” way to explain what is moving in the market and why.


MarketReader technology is not limited to the applications above. We work with developers to create customized solutions that meet the needs of their organizations and users. Contact us for details.

See the Data In Action

Our live market screener currently uses our filtering and volatility adjustment system to display a comprehensive overview of all significant asset price movement throughout the trading day.

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