MarketReader Co-Founder and CEO Jens Nordvig joined The Julia La Roche Show on July 27 to discuss his macro outlook, the future of the U.S. Dollar, and how MarketReader is changing the world of investing. 

In his discussion on MarketReader, Jens highlighted why he founded the company, its purpose, and examples where MarketReader has improved his own productivity. 

“We’re trying to essentially create a piece of software that can do extremely sophisticated analysis on scale for literally every asset in the world…” Jens said.  “We can do all of that in real-time, which no human would be able to do in a timely way. It gives a really incredible insight into the market.”

MarketReader automates the techniques that top trading desks use everyday and generates concise explanations of why assets are moving. Quickly gathering this essential information and eliminating noise can save traders thousands of hours, and help them make quicker, more informed decisions. 

The Power of MarketReader

Jens illustrated the power of MarketReader through an example of bank stocks that have been moving this week. 

“MarketReader will tell you Morgan Stanley was up because of good earnings,” Jens said. “But it will also tell you that Raymond James was actually up just because it moved in sympathy with Morgan Stanley. MarketReader is a complex engine, a complex technology that knows how different financial markets are interrelated and it can draw instances from one security to another.”

Understanding when an asset is moving because of company news versus when it is moving in sympathy is an essential part of analysis, and MarketReader makes it simple with just one click. 

How Does MarketReader Compare to Other Software?

Jens went on to compare his trading workflow using MarketReader to the Bloomberg Terminal, and further explained how MarketReader can get things done faster:

“For me, it’s been incredibly helpful to have a tool where I can quickly follow what’s going on in the equity market without spending most of my day looking at individual stocks,” Jens said. “It gives you a way to scan and look at the market through that sector. I can filter the market whatever way I want – market caps, specific sectors, stuff that has earnings.”

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