MarketReader is a market intelligence company with a simple goal: to explain why the market is moving.

Many financial firms currently use artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge tools to attempt to predict market moves before they happen. Leveraging our prior experience building predictive tools and providing award-winning research, the MarketReader team has applied industry-leading empirical analysis to create a tool that pinpoints the reason for asset price movement as it is happening, in real-time. In short, MarketReader explains the market rather than trying to predict it.

A primary reason for MarketReader’s existence comes down to a fundamental truth: not all investors have access to the high quality financial information they need to truly understand the market.

By building tools that use complex, high-frequency technology to surface market insights that would ordinarily require a team of analysts to identify, MarketReader democratizes access to such information and empowers each individual investor to understand why the market is moving.

Our Product


In order to pinpoint the “why”—why did Apple stock just go up?—we first must identify the “what.” In an increasingly complex market, this is easier said than done.

Our system highlights abnormal price movement in real time by constantly scanning and analyzing vast amounts of market data. Price movements are compared to their own historical context to tell investors how unusual a price move really is – as it happens. After identifying a significant price move, MarketReader uses AI to deliver a concise, data-driven explanation of the most likely root cause.

For a taste of MarketReader, try our screener, which  displays the output of our “hot bar” engine (i.e. the abnormal price action identified by our system). This allows users to instantly recognize what assets are moving in an unusual manner.

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