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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The overall market is currently experiencing high macro volatility.

Some of the largest moves in the market today include: US 2Y Treasury has experienced a large move of -0.2%. Ethereum has experienced a large move of -2.1%. Oil (WTI) has experienced a large move of -1.6%.

The UK’s annual inflation rate unexpectedly rose to 4% in December, marking the first increase in ten months and surpassing forecasts of 3.8%.

Meanwhile, China reported a slight uptick in its urban unemployment rate to 5.1%, alongside an industrial production growth that beat expectations at a robust pace not seen since February 2022.

These international economic developments come as markets digest U.S retail sales data which could influence FOMC interest rate decisions based on consumer spending trends; insights from today’s Beige Book release and New York Fed President John Williams’ speech are also expected to provide further guidance on regional economic conditions affecting future policy deliberations.

Investor sentiment is cautious with global equity indices reflecting concerns over potential shifts in monetary policies following Japan’s declining manufacturer sentiment amid weak domestic consumption and external demand pressures—particularly from China—and ahead of key tech earnings reports after negative reactions were observed due to disappointing Chinese GDP figures for the fourth quarter.

AI-generated summaries of notable premarket ETF moves:

iShares China Large-Cap ETF down -3.0% due to weak economic data from China, including lower-than-expected GDP growth for Q4 at 5.2%, as well as disappointing industrial production and fixed asset investment numbers. This has led to a broader decline in Chinese stocks, such as Alibaba and JD.com, along with other popular Chinese ETFs like MCHI and KWEB which are also down around 3-4%. Concerns arise over the declining population trend in China due to low birth rates and COVID-19 deaths, impacting long-term economic growth potential amid challenges of rising elderly care costs and retirement benefits for local governments.

The recent -1.6% move in US Oil Fund LP’s price can be attributed to factors like decreased US oil production, unchanged world oil demand growth forecast by OPEC, and concerns about China’s economic growth falling short of expectations leading to lower crude oil prices. These factors have influenced market sentiment and contributed to the downward movement in the sector.

Church & Dwight Co Inc | CHD $93.18 -5.1%
Consumer Staples, Household Products
Church & Dwight Co Inc’s price has moved -5.1% since the previous close, potentially due to its underperformance compared to sector peers and a general market downturn. The company will be hosting an earnings webcast on February 2, 2024, which may have prompted increased selling pressure from investors anticipating negative results or uncertainty surrounding future prospects for Church & Dwight Co Inc.

PTC Inc | PTC $161.82 -5.8%
Information Technology, Application Software
PTC Inc’s stock declined significantly (-5.8%) since the previous close, potentially influenced by a merger between ANSS and SNPS that could benefit PTC. Additionally, positive news about subsidiary PTC Industries signing an agreement with Dassault Aviation may have contributed to the movement in PTC Inc’s stock price as well. The performance of the Russell 2000 Index (US), which saw a -1.29% decrease, might also be associated with this decline in PTC Inc’s stock price given their correlation of 0.63.

Tyson Foods Inc | TSN $52.73 -3.5%
Consumer Staples, Packaged Foods & Meats
Tyson Foods Inc’s price has moved down significantly since the previous close, potentially influenced by extreme winter conditions impacting cattle slaughter rates. The company has temporarily reduced meatpacking operations for employee safety but is working to fulfill customer orders elsewhere. This could impact beef consumption if people are eating out less due to the cold weather.

Interactive Brokers Group Inc | IBKR $83.65 -4.0%
Financials, Investment Banking & Brokerage
Interactive Brokers Group Inc’s stock has declined by -3.6% since the previous close due to a Q4 earnings miss, with adjusted EPS of $1.52 (est. $1.55) and adjusted revenues of $1.15B (est.$ 1.(14)B).

Charles Schwab Corp | SCHW $62.38 -2.8%
Financials, Investment Banking & Brokerage
Charles Schwab Corp’s stock price moved down -3.9% since the previous close, likely due to mixed earnings results for Q4. While adjusted EPS beat estimates, revenues fell 19% YoY and net interest revenue declined by 30%. However, new brokerage accounts reached a record high at 910K and total client assets increased by 21%, reaching $8.5 trillion at year-end.

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