MarketReader Co-Founder and CEO Jens Nordvig joined Yahoo Finance Live on July 12 to discuss June’s soft inflation report, the consumer price index (CPI), the U.S. dollar, and concerns for China’s economy.

Headline and core inflation rose only 0.2% throughout June 2023, according to the June CPI report. Jens commented on the soft increase and how inflation is going to be affected next. “We can start to see that actually the consumer is starting to feel squeezed and cannot obtain the same credit they had last year,” he said. “Then the savings rate will go up and the consumption rate will go down, and that combination I think is what’s going to move the fed.” 

As for currency, the U.S. dollar recently sunk to its lowest level in three months. Jens talked about how the dollar has moved in the past year and what recent changes will mean for assets.

“What is very interesting in terms of how the dollar has been trading is that, even in those periods where we’ve had pricing higher in the US yield curve in February and again in May, the dollar benefited but just a little bit” he said. “It was not like strong momentum and I think that shows that the dollar has been close to peaking.” 

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View the rest of the segment in the clips below:

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